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Underlying Causes of Trading Failure

So far we have looked at the main types of mistakes that cause so many traders to fail. Essentially what’s been covered is a series of bad decisions which result in losses most of the time. Your task as a “soon to be good trader” is to recognize when you are at the decision points and make easier to make agood decision. After enough practice making good decisions becomes automatic. To understand and recognize your decision points it’s helpful to know what’s motivating those decisions – the underlying causes of trading failure:


Reiki Glossary

This Glossary is an aid to assist you in understanding the many different concepts and practices in Reiki. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words - Rei and Ki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy. The term "Reiki" is used to describe both the energy and the Usui system of using it. The original system by Usui was called Usui Reiki Ryoho.


Acupuncture and Kirlian Photography

Omura's research published in l978 in the International Journal of Accupuncture and Electrotherapeutics Research related to a "snowflake" appearance pattern which was disease related to gout and rheumatoid arthritis. The article, "An Image Intensification Technique of Motion Picture of Kirlian Photography," authored by Gary Pooke and Paul Sparks is fascinating.



Hypnotherapy adalah terapi yang dilakukan pada subjek dalam hypnosis. Kata "hypnosis" adalah kependekan dari istilah James Braid's (1843) "neuro-hypnotism", yang berarti "tidurnya sistem syaraf". Orang yang terhipnotis menunjukan karakteristik tertentu yang berbeda dengan yang tidak, yang paling jelas adalah mudah disugesti.Hypnotherapy sering digunakan untuk memodifikasi perilaku subjek, isi perasaan, sikap, juga keadaan seperti kebiasaan disfungsional, kecemasan, sakit sehubungan stress, manajemen rasa sakit, dan perkembangan pribadi.

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Forex imply an elevate level of risk which might be not suitable for all investors. Leverage generate further exposition and loss risks. Before to take decision of trading forex, consider carefully yours investment objectives, expertise level and propensity to risk. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Your starting investment might be lost partially or totally. Don’t invest money you cannot afford to lose.


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